Town Projects

Park Projects

Thompson's Station features over 300 acres of parkland with miles of trails that show off the stunning beauty of Middle Tennessee. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Board of Mayor and Alderman work together with Town Staff to update Town Parks with park master plans, connect the Town with Greenway Trails and promote a healthy, engaged community through our outdoor space.

Planning Projects

Planning and Zoning Projects in Thompson's Station, TN

  • Growth Plan Update - Urban Growth Boundary

    To accommodate future growth, development, and increased flows, municipalities in Williamson County are all working concurrently to determine new urban growth boundaries for each city/town that define where they can grow.

  • All Aboard Comprehensive Planning

    The All Aboard Comprehensive Planning  includes the following documents: • General Plan, • Major Thoroughfare Plan, and • Land Development Ordinance.

Roadway Projects

Roadway projects in Thompson's Station including Major Thoroughfare Plan.

  • Major Thoroughfare Plan

    A Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) is a long-range plan that shows a vision for the Town’s transportation network. It provides guidance for future growth and is a regulatory plan for public investments and future improvements to roads, sidewalks, and multimodal facilities.

  • State Route 6 (Columbia Pike/Hwy 31) Widening TDOT

    State Route 6, also known as Columbia Pike, Highway 31 and Main Street in Spring Hill, has been identified by the Tennessee Department of Transportation as an area that needs to be addressed due to the continuing population expansion in Middle Tennessee. TDOT has come up with concept plans for the widening of Hwy 31 to 4 lanes starting in Franklin and extending south through Thompson's Station and into Spring Hill.

Wastewater Projects

Wastewater Projects for the Town of Thompson's Station. Includes current and future projects related to the Town's Wastewater Systems (ex. Drip Fields, Plant Upgrades, etc.)