General Plan

The Town of Thompson’s Station obtained the services of the Kimley Horn in the Fall of 2021 to assist in the development of a comprehensive planning process for the Town. The planning process, called All Aboard, facilitated the development of two separate, yet interconnected Plans: the General Plan and the Major Thoroughfare Plan. 

All Aboard Map 1Thompson’s Station is a rapidly growing municipality in Williamson County that is experiencing similar growth pressures to other areas in the Middle Tennessee region: stressed and congested transportation infrastructure which is coupled with the increasing demands of new development. Recognizing these pressures and the need to proactively plan for the future of Thompson’s Station, the Town embarked on the All Aboard process that produced two separate and interconnected plans to guide investment for property owners, citizens, elected and appointed officials, Town Staff, developers, civic and faith groups, design professionals, and any other stakeholder interested in the future of Thompson’s Station. The essential goal and function of the All Aboard Plans is to provide an easily conveyable framework to guide growth, build resiliency, and promote preservation of historic and environmental features that make Thompson’s Station such a special place to live, work, play, worship, and create community. 

All Aboard was embraced as a once in a generation opportunity to provide a unified framework and vision for the Town of Thompson’s Station to both harness and manage growth. The All Aboard Plans establish a policy basis for the Town to use growth as a means to revitalize and reinforce the existing spirit of the community. Both of the All Aboard Plans are component parts of the larger umbrella of the All Aboard growth plan framework for the community. 

All Aboard Map 2Particular emphasis during the comprehensive planning process was made on the distinction between the urban and rural aspects of the Town. An outcome of this community dialogue has been that the slogan created by the All Aboard process (“Thompson’s Station- where Town meets Country”) has been embraced by the community. A unifying feature throughout both the General Plan and the Major Thoroughfare Plan is the Town and Country development concepts. These development concepts have specific land use and transportation elements recommended for all public and private investment in developments and capital projects. 

The consultant team worked with the Town leadership to provide the community with a single planning effort that resulted in a Major Thoroughfare Plan and General Plan, along with specific recommendations for updates to the Town’s Land Development Ordinance. The All Aboard Plans were adopted by the Town in March 2023.