Wastewater Billing

The Thompson’s Station Wastewater works with HB&TS Utility District to establish service and obtain monthly metered water usage.  Please note, these are two (2) separate utility districts and therefore, two (2) separate monthly billings.  

Note: Please contact HB&TS directly at (615)794-7796, to verify procedures required to establish fresh water service.

Payment Options  

Calculating Your Wastewater Fee

Water meter usage information is obtained  from HB&TS  and is used to calculate monthly wastewater billing amounts. The wastewater fee is calculated the same for all customers that discharge to the Town wastewater system. 

Monthly Fee: $29.00

Usage Fee: $8.10 per 1000 gallons of water used 

Example: HB&TS Water bill usage of 5000 gallons.

5000/1000 = 5 x $8.10  = $40.50 + $29.00 = $69.50 monthly fee 


Register Your Online Account

Town customers can now sign up to pay for wastewater billing online. Bills will be sent to the registered email address and customers can login to pay or set up auto draft. 

  1. Ampstun Wastewater Billing
  2. Follow the link for "Consumer Registration" to create an account.
  3. Input your wastewater billing account number found on your paper utility bill.

Note: There may be a small service fee to cover processing and handling. The Town of Thompson's Station receives no part of the service fee.


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