Irrigation Fields

All wastewater systems discharge the effluent water they produce (cleaned wastewater) into rivers or through land application.  Since Thompson's Station cannot discharge into local rivers per TDEC standards, the Town is forced to land apply the effluent and have purchased land over the past 10 years for drip fields.  At the Heritage System, the surrounding fenced-off fields are designated as spray drip fields, where the effluent is applied over the ground by sprinklers.  At the Regional Plant, drip fields are purchased in various locations where lines are run underground and effluent is dripped into the land. 


Irrigation Lands

Below is a list of drip and spray fields currently in operation in the Town.

Heritage System - Spray Fields

The spray fields occupy the area immediately surrounding the Heritage Plant.

Regional System - West Harpeth Drip Fields

Built on the south side of West Harpeth Rd in the West Harpeth River floodplains.

Regional System - Sedberry Drip Fields

The Sedberry Drip Fields are situated just over the CSX Railroad next to the Regional Treatment Facility.

Regional System -  Alexander Drip Fields

Located north of Critz Ln and west of the Canterbury subdivision. 

Alexander Drip Soils Map

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Heritage Plant and Spray Fields

heritage commons clip

Sedberry Drip Fields - Click map for PDF

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Town Drip & Spray Areas - Click map for PDF

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