Parks Master Plan

The Town's Parks and Recreation Department launched a first ever, Parks Master Plan. The Town worked with designated planning and design engineers at Kimley-Horn to develop a comprehensive Master Plan to guide the future of investments and improvements for the Town's green spaces.

"The goal of this comprehensive parks and recreation master plan is to serve as a long-range strategy for decision making and financial investments for the creation, optimization, and maintenance of Thompson’s Station’s parks and recreation assets over the next 10 years. It is fundamental for the end goal to ensure the community, stakeholders, and the data align around a central vision as noted and outlined throughout this document.

In order to maintain the rich character of Thompson’s Station’s community while also meeting the needs of a growing and changing community, meaningful stakeholder engagement and public feedback was a vital step of the planning process. A demographic analysis was conducted to provide a comprehensive understanding of the residents within the Thompson’s Station community. The data collected through the community engagement was paired with a thorough inventory of existing parks and recreation facilities to produce recommendations to build upon the assets Thompson’s Station already offers. This master plan provides recommendations for existing facilities, programming, financial and budget strategies, staffing, new facilities, and aims to set realistic expectations for feasibly implementing."