The Wastewater Department keeps the Town’s two wastewater facilities in operation by maintaining maintenance and operation of over a million gallons of designed daily capacity in accordance with the state laws and regulations. The Town currently consults with Barge Design Solutions for wastewater engineering and architecture services.

Town Wastewater History

Explore the Town's wastewater infrastructure through a Story Journal presentation that includes general information, wastewater history, noted repair operations, current developments and future plans.

Town Wastewater Projects

Wastewater Projects for the Town of Thompson's Station. Includes current and future projects related to the wastewater systems (ex. Drip Fields, Plant Upgrades, etc.)

Wastewater Billing

View the Town's wastewater billing information and methods of payment, including secure online bill pay through Ampstun.

Wastewater Service Application

Apply online for Wastewater Service.




Water meter usage information is obtained from HB&TS and is used to calculate monthly wastewater billing amounts. The wastewater fee is calculated the same for all customers that discharge to the Town's wastewater system. Monthly Fee: $29.00 Usage Fee: $8.10 per 1000 gallons of water used. Example: HB&TS Water bill usage of 5000 gallons. 5000/1000 = 5 x $8.10 = $40.50 + $29.00 = $69.50 monthly fee. For more information on wastewater billing, please visit our Wastewater Billing webpage.
The Town of Thompson's Station offers Wastewater Services in the following subdivisions/areas: Allenwood, Avenue Downs, Bridgemore Village, Fields of Canterbury, Heritage Commons Commercial District, Tollgate Village, and Whistle Stop. There is no trash pick-up service contracted with the Town - a Convenience Center is located at 1515B Thompson's Station Rd W, Thompson's Station, TN 37179. Residents in subdivisions should contact the HOA for trash utility services available. Thompson's Station fresh water service is provided by H.B. & T.S. Utility District Gas service is provided by Atomos Energy. Electricity is provided by the Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTEMC). More information can be found on our Local Utilities webpage.

After confirming your property is serviced by the Town's wastewater facility, you can submit an online form.

Wastewater Service Application

Alternatively, you can fill out the PDF version (Wastewater Service Application) and email it to newservice@thompsons-station.com to establish wastewater service with the Town of Thompson's Station.

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