3rd Party Plan Review and Inspections

The Town has partnered with a local vendor, Municipal Inspection Partners, to assist with Building Plan Review and Inspections. Using this process may expedite results and is entirely optional. 

Plan Review

To expedite the plan review process, the permit applicant may submit plans to the approved third party. Once the plans have been approved by the third party, they will need to be submitted through GeoCivix, the Town's electronic plan review system. 

Third Party Plan Review Process


Submitting plans to the third party vendor alone, does NOT permit the builder to move forward with construction. A building permit from the Town of Thompson's Station must be issued with all associated fees paid in full, prior to any construction activity.


Inspections may be performed by the approved third party inspection agency at the builder's cost. Once the inspection has been performed by the third party, the builder will need to submit the inspection results through GeoCivix, the Town's electronic plan review system.

Third Party Inspection Process


The inspection results from the third party vendor are not approved for construction to move forward, until the Town has sent electronic communication via GeoCivix confirming the inspection has passed.