Thompson's Station Greenway

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The Greenway Trail System has been part of the long-term vision of creating a walk-able community within Thompson’s Station that would connect the major subdivisions and schools to the 300+ acres of park lands and Town Center and provide an alternative means of transportation.  For each phase of the project, the Town has been awarded grants of varying sizes to assist in the construction.  On September 16th 2019, Governor Bill Lee awarded Town Administrator Ken McLawhon the $1.29 million TAP grant in Nashville.

The Thompson's Station Parks & Rec. Advisory Board will be discussing what Phase 4 of the Greenway Trail system will be at their monthly meetings as part of the Parks & Rec. Master Plan currently being developed.

  • Phase 1 of the greenway was completed in 2014 with a Transportation Enhancement Program (TAP) grant.  The greenway extends from the western edge of Tollgate Village south past the Nutro Dog Park and Community Gardens to the CSX Railroad Undercrossing.  
  • Phase 2 of the greenway is currently in process with the Town’s award of an ATP (Alternative Transportation Program) grant.   Phase 2 of the greenway will extend from the CSX railroad undercrossing through Preservation Park to Thompson's Station Rd West.  
  • Phase 3 of the greenway is also about to begin with the Town’s award of a $1.29 million TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program) grant.  The phase 3 extension will begin close to the Thompson’s Station Middle School running north to the Fields of Canterbury subdivision and connecting west to the Nutro Dog Park, crossing under Columbia Pike via an existing under-crossing that was built in coordination with TDOT during the Columbia Pike widening project.  

Kimley Horn Planning and Engineering Consultants are the contracted company handling the Greenway Trail design in cooperation with the Community Development Department.  They have provided estimated timelines for when different phases of the greenway trail design will be completed.

Phase 2 Project Timeline Phase 3 Project Timeline

 Building Phase 1