Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP)

A Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) is a long-range plan that shows a vision for the Town’s transportation network. It provides guidance for future growth and is a regulatory plan for public investments and future improvements to roads, sidewalks, and multimodal facilities.

The All Aboard Comprehensive Planning Process, began in Summer 2021, will continue to be updated, along with the Town General Plan, Land Development Ordinance, and Parks Master Plan. 

The original draft of the MTP was adopted by the Planning Commission on August 27th, 2019. The most recent update to this document was adopted on March 14, 2023 by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.


Existing traffic volumes on roads in Thompson’s Station vary from just over 1,000 cars per day on Thompson’s Station Road west of I-840 to over 20,000 cars per day on Columbia Pike just north of Thompson’s Station Road. Most of the roads within the study area currently operate at an acceptable LOS (Level of Service) except for portions of Columbia Pike, Thompson’s Station Road East, Interstate 65, and Lewisburg Pike. 

Traffic Volume

Recent crash data from 2018 to 2020 reveals the location of fatal, serious, and minor crashes as well as possible injuries and property damage. Analysis of crash data and intersections resulted in several recommendations to improve safety and operations at key intersections in the roadway network. Specific areas of concern for safety include the Columbia and Lewisburg Pike corridors, Critz Lane, Thompson’s Station Road east and west of Columbia Pike, Carters Creek Pike, and Popes Chapel Road. As a result, all of these corridors include recommended roadway improvements.

Crash locations and types

The Future Conditions section projects how the transportation system will function by the year 2045 if no further improvements are made. Assuming no major improvements are made, LOS is expected to degrade on most of the Town’s major corridors and local roads. Specific roads that are expected to see further congestion issues in the future include: Columbia Pike, portions of Thompson’s Station Road west of Columbia Pike and west of Lewisburg Pike, Lewisburg Pike south of Interstate 840, and Interstate 65 south of Lewisburg Pike.

2045 projection