Capital Improvements for Parks

The Thompson's Station Parks and Recreation Advisory Board along with Town Staff have come up with a list of Park Improvements that will be included in the Town's Budget under Capital Improvement Projects.  These projects look forward over the next 4 years and include the creation of a Town-wide Master Plan for all of the Town's Parkland.  

Park Benches and other Furniture FY2023-24: This project will provide replacements for benches and furniture throughout the Town’s parkland. 

Sarah Benson Park Sports Courts FY2024-25: This project will provide multi-sports courts within Sarah Benson Park.

Sarah Benson Park Playground ADA Upgrades FY2024-25, FY2025-26: This project will provide for an assessment and any recommended upgrades necessary to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This project may be grant funded.