Police and Fire / Rescue

The Town of Thompson's Station is protected by the Williamson County Sheriff's Office and the Williamson County Fire/Rescue.

Williamson County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Hughes with his dogs

The duties of the office of Sheriff are quite varied. The sheriff has the important duty to prevent crimes, investigate criminal conduct that has occurred, and arrest criminals. Sheriffs and their deputies must be thoroughly acquainted with the Tennessee criminal code. The sheriff should develop a good working relationship with the staff of the district attorney general's office. Sheriffs also serve as jailers and many serve as superintendent of the county workhouse, which in some counties, the jail is also the workhouse.


Williamson County Fire/Rescue

WC Fire / RescueWilliamson County Fire/Rescue is a volunteer based program responsible for fire, EMS, and rescue response for the Town of Thompson's Station and rural county areas outside city limits. The Town and W.C.F.R. have a partnership with Williamson County Government, to ensure that those who work, live, and play in Williamson County are served and protected by a professional, proficient and progressive fire and rescue service system. 

  • Websitehttps://www.wcfire.com/
  • Current W.C.R.S. Chief: Bob Galoppi
  • Physical Address of Rescue Station 23: 1515 Thompson’s Station Rd. W., Thompson’s Station, TN 37179
  • Mailing Address: WCRS, PO Box 408, Franklin, TN 37064  
  • E-mail: info@wcfire.com
  • Phone Number: (615) 790-5821


Interested in Volunteering?

The Williamson County Rescue Squad is currently accepting applications for Fire Recruits. Citizens interested in volunteering can follow the link to the W.C.R.S website to complete the online application.

Volunteer Opportunities with W.C.R.S.