Town Wastewater Projects

The Town of Thompson's Station manages two Wastewater Reclamation systems that serve a portion of Town Residents; the Heritage Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The Heritage System, located at the end of Thompson's Ridge Rd, serves the commercial areas next to the Heritage Elementary and Middle Schools as well as buildings in Town Center.  The Regional System, located by the Nutro Dog Park off Hwy 31 (shown below), was designed and built by developers of Tollgate Village, Bridgemore Village and Fields of Canterbury subdivisions in 2006 and management of the system was later given over to the Town of Thompson's Station.  

At this time, both systems are at capacity and will remain so until upgrades are completed at the Regional Wastewater System.  See the linked project "Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades" for more details.  Residents within the Regional Facility Service Area may submit a request for Wastewater Capacity Reservation by contacting the Community Development Department at or (615) 794-4333 ext. 12.

Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

To accommodate future growth, development, and increased flows, the town is designing a plant expansion at the Regional WWTP. The new facility will convert the existing system from a lagoon system to membrane technology and provide a higher level of treatment for future potential changes in effluent disposal permit limits. Membrane technology provides superior treatment and dramatically decreases the footprint of the treatment plant area. By decreasing the footprint and increasing the treatment capacity, the town is able to provide a more sustainable system for the future.

Regional Facility Service Area Map

The featured map shows the areas to be included in the Regional Facilities service area once the plant is upgraded to an MBR system.

Irrigation Fields 

Collection of all the Town's current and future Irrigation field locations.

RFP Cell 1 Drain Pic 1
Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility