Electronic Plans Submittal (GeoCivix)

The Town of Thompson's Station utilizes an electronic plan review system (alternately known as GeoCivix) for all planning applications, inspection requests, and necessary permits.  

Thompson's Station GeoCivix

GeoCivix Landing Page
Click Image to be taken to the Thompson's Station GeoCivix Landing Page.


Submitting a Project with GeoCivix

  1. Navigate to the Town's GeoCivix page at https://thompsons-station.geocivix.com/secure//
  2. In the upper right corner, select from the options to Register or Sign In.
  3. Once logged in, please select a  from the drop down list provided, and continue through the next few screens providing information.
  4. Upload all project documents as required by the checklist provided. Failure to do so will prohibit review from Town Staff. 
  5. Confirm and submit your project. 
  6. Fees can be paid online with a 
  7. After submission, you will receive notice via email whether the project has been accepted or denied.  If denied, you will receive an email with the cause of denial and the action needed to correct.  If accepted, you will receive a notice it is under review and you will be notified when the review is complete.
  8. When you receive the notice that the review has been completed, it will direct you to either corrections needed or project approved.

GeoCivix Technical Support

Please email GeoCivix Support for help concerning how to use GeoCivix electronic plan review system. If you encounter issues with the website, you can also get support by creating a support ticket using your GeoCivix account.